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Burbage Junior School

Burbage Junior School

Well Done Awards

Through out the year, children collect "Well Done" awards for doing something great! These are small certificates they can get off any member of staff just for doing something great, in their work, on the playground, in any part of school life. They get them for exemplifying "The Burbage Way". They get them for demonstrating that they are "striving to be the best version of themselves!"

For every 10 they get, they receive a special certificate in their class. When they get 100 - they get a Bronze Award in assembly. When they get 200, they get a Silver Award, and for 300, a Gold Award. In Summer 2018, 8 children had achieved their Gold Award. These children were entered into a draw for a gift voucher.

On the 10 January 2020 Preston (3W) and Jayden (6P) achieved their Bronze Award.