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Burbage Junior School

Burbage Junior School

School Council

Each class voted for two members of the school council to represent our school. We meet regularly and our job as school councillors is to help Burbage Junior School to be the best place possible. If you give us ideas, we will discuss them in our next meeting. You can always tell us anything and we will listen to your suggestions and try to make them happen. So far this year, we have worked on discussing ‘The Burbage Way’ and created an anti-bullying charter. We have also represented the school during a Remembrance service, raised money for charities and taken on board your views about school dinners. We want to continue to help the school by sharing your thoughts at future meetings.

Your members of the school council are:

Year 3

Mia, Ben, Alyssa, William, Grace, Thomas

Year 4

Scarlett, Orson, Niamh, Noah H, Charlotte, Noah M

Year 5

Martha, Drew, Isla, Hayden, Scarlett, Damon

Year 6

Tia, Charlie, Mattilda, Hugh, Beatrice, Joe