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Burbage Junior School

Burbage Junior School

Meet the staff


Teaching Staff

Mrs K. Allen – Executive Headteacher

Mrs R. Peckover – Deputy Headteacher and Maths Leader

Mrs J. Matthews – Assistant Headteacher (Lower KS2)

Ms F. Paterson – Assistant Headteacher (Upper KS2) and English Leader


Miss L. Ainscough - Year 5 Teacher and Geography Coordinator

Mrs S. Ainscough - Year 4 Teacher, Science Coordinator and LAC Leader

Miss R. Beighton - Year 6 Teacher and Pupil Premium Leader

Miss Y. Brennan - Year 5 Teacher and PSHE Coordinator

Mrs J. Cox - Year 6 Teacher and Art Coordinator

Miss F. Dixon - Year 4 Teacher and MFL Coordinator

Mrs C. Herd - Year 3 Teacher and Inclusion Leader

Mr D. Little - Year 5 and Sports Leader

Miss F. Nattrass - Year 5 and PSHE Coordinator

Miss P. Popat - Year 3 and History Coordinator

Mrs V. Rees - Year 6 and ICT Coordinator

Miss C. Warren - Year 3 and DT Coordinator

Mrs S. Wren - Year 3 and RE Coordinator


Mrs P Jesson – Special Needs Co-ordinator


Support Staff

Administration Support

Mrs C. Riley – Secretary Bursar

Mrs A. Adnam

Mrs R. Barker

Mrs J. Tuitt

Classroom Support

Mrs B. Baker - Year 5

Mrs G. Barrs - Year 6

Miss C. Blower - Year 4

Miss J. Booton - Year 6

Mrs S. Brown - Year 6

Mrs H. Caiger - Year 6

Mrs J. Chesterton - Year 4

Mrs J. Featherston - Year 4

Miss H. Fiskel - Year 4

Mrs E. Glenn - Year 5

Mrs A. Harris - Year 6

Miss A. Hills - Year 4

Mrs V. Kind - Year 3

Mrs A. List - Year 6

Mrs K. Moore - Year 4

Mrs C. Stace - Year 6

Mrs S. Thirwell - Year 5

Mr S. Ward - Year 5

Mrs J. Warren - Year 5

Mrs J. Wheatley - Year 5

Miss C. Whysall - Year 3

Mrs E. Wilkinson - Year 3

Mrs K. Wood - Year 3

Inclusion Support

Mrs G. Bott – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs G. Grantham - Dyscalculia Support

Mrs H. Hardman - Dyslexia Support

Ms D. Dolman - Behaviour and Learning Mentor

PE and Sports Coaches

Mr R. Durose

Mr J. Graham

Midday Staff

Mrs H. Griffiths – Midday Manager

Miss P. Baum

Miss C. Blower

Miss J Booton

Mrs P. Brazier

Mrs R. Lake

Mr T. Martin

Mrs W. Martin

Mrs K. Thompson

Mrs M. Youngman


Premises Officer

Mr G. Pope

Cleaning Staff

Mrs P. Brazier

Mrs E. Bunting

Mrs T. Hall

Mrs T. Talbot

Mrs M. Youngman